SPC and Laminate flooring:
essences with a refined and distinct design


BAUFLOOR® SPC vinyl floors are practically indestructible products, mainly composed of mineral powders and vinyl with a rigid PVC backing. Their rigid and stable core over time makes them an ideal choice for commercial and domestic environments. Compatible with environments subject to ambient humidity and resistant to shocks. Providing an excellent aesthetic performance, the BAUFLOOR® range offers the widest range of all trendy finishes. A wide assortment that includes the warmest colors of wood up to the most austere shades of stone, both in planks and tiles.


BAUFLOOR® laminate floors are technologically advanced products and are composed almost entirely of MDF, an element classified as a renewable raw material. The proposed decorations adapt perfectly to modern and traditional environments. The floors are FSC certified, they are made using products from forests managed in an eco-sustainable way and in compliance with environmental standards. They can be recycled. BAUFLOOR® laminate floors have a resistant and compact surface, which limits the penetration of dust and dirt. They are hygienic, easy to clean and particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. They are also subjected to an antibacterial surface treatment. BAUFLOOR® laminate floors are underplaced to rigorous tests before being placed on the market and offer warranties for all residential uses.

SPC panels for walls

The WATERSHIELD SPC panels are the natural extension of the concept used in floor coverings, applied to the walls. They can be used in any room inside of your home and in any humidity condition, from the bathroom to the kitchen, in the laundry room even inside your shower box. Its completely waterproof material makes the panels resistant to liquids and all types of stains: coffee, tea and any drink or cleaning product. Our wall solutions are ideal for commercial venues, new builds and renovations. The panels can be installed directly on the walls or easily glued to the old tiles, without any need for support structures or frames.


The texture that characterizes the decoration of the stave is printed with colors and patterns that faithfully reproduce the wood effect of the parquet. The 3D effect enhances the naturalness and authenticity of the wood, presence of knots and a wonderful tactile and optical effect.

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