Baufloor ® laminate flooring is technologically state-of-the-art and consists almost entirely of wood, an element classified as renewable raw material. Decors assortment fits perfectly in modern and traditional rooms. Laminate flooring is FSC certified, which means that they are made using products from forests managed in a correct and sustainable way, while respecting environmental standards. Moreover, the Baufloor ® laminate flooring can even be recycled. Baufloor ® laminate flooring has a hard and compact surface that prevents dust and dirt from penetrating. Floors are hygienic, easy to clean and particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. They strictly got an antibacterial superficial treatment. Baufloor ® laminate flooring is undergoing a number of rigorous testing before being put on the market, production standards are very rigid and for this reason, they have very extensive guarantees for all residential uses.

Advices for Laying

Before being layed the floor should not remain in open areas without windows and doors, storage and laying temperatures should never drop below 15°C and no air humidity. It is good practice to acclimatize the laminate floor in the environment where it will be installed at least 48 hours before placing the floor boxes in the center of the room, it is strictly forbidden the exposure to the sun’s rays. Before installing the Baufloor ® laminate floor, make sure that the base is cleaned by debris and dirt that may compromise the flatness of the floor. The Baufloor ® laminate floor can not be installed on soft substrates (carpets, etc.). Visual inspection of the Planks should be carried out avoiding the use of those which have deformations in the joints. For the installation of the Baufloor ® laminate floor, it is essential to use a steam barrier if an acoustically correct environment is desired, it is advisable to use high density substrates. Use the expansion profile when the Baufloor ® laminate floor is installed in rooms larger than 8/10 m in length. The laying of the Baufloor ® laminate floor is carried out by the so-called floating technique, ie by joining the individual strips together with a male-female combination: this type of laying allows the laminate floor to be fixed even on pre-existing floors without dismantling the old covering. Before laying the Baufloor® laminate floor, an insulating layer, generally a mattress or other similar material, is placed on the existing floor, in order to soundproof the floor, to mitigate any irregularities of the original base and to protect it from contact moisture. During laying, remember to leave between the laminate floor and the wall a game of about one centimeter as the laminate is subject to dilatation in case of temperature and humidity changes, this space will then be hidden with the laying of the skirting board or primeter profile. For the laying of the Baufloor® laminate floor use the appropriate equipment. For stacking between stacks and stairs use only the beacon available in most hardware, never knock directly on the floor of the laminate floor with hammer or hard-weight tools. The Baufloor® laminate floor can be installed on preexisting heated floors, always ask the technical dpt. to look for the appropriate substrate. For maintenance, wash with well wrung cloth and neutral detergents, never use direct jet water on the floor. Wheelchairs should be equipped with materials suitable for use on laminate flooring.